GIP Heat-resistant extreme pressure grease for plastic moulds


GIP is special white color grease, originally made and developed only for the molding die for plastic.


Since this product has no drip point (temperature at which grease softens and liquefies), it is possible to prevent the transfer of grease oil to the molded product. An adhesive film is formed on the sliding surface of the mold even under high temperature and high load.

A special white extreme pressure additive that has been added to this product enables long-term lubrication while reducing the frictional resistance of the sliding part of the mold.

No RoHS2 prohibited substances, silicone compounds, and fluorine compounds are used.


Optimal operating temperature

-40 ~ 260



For lubrication of each extreme pressure sliding part such as mold guide pin, injector pin, slide, etc.


How to use

To maximize the lubrication effect of GIP, remove old grease before application.

Apply a small amount evenly to each sliding part of the mold. There is no need to apply a large amount.

Please refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) before use.