VERZONE Origin Oil#220M


VERZONE Origin Oil#220M is a volatile antirust additive with good compatibility. Add a small amount of this product to ordinary anti-rust oil or base oil to form volatile anti-rust oil. Existing volatile anti-rust oils are originally incompatible with ordinary anti-rust oils, and are easy to react with them or have a tendency to gel, which cannot achieve the purpose of use, or make the anti-rust effect worse. VERZONE Origin Oil#220M can provide ordinary anti-rust oil with volatilized anti-rust ability. It has little effect on oil seals and other rubbers. It also has anti-rust effect on non-ferrous metals such as copper and copper alloys. It is a universal additive with multiple effects.


Brown transparent liquid

Dynamic viscosity: 63-77m/s (40℃)


The type of base oil can be freely selected according to the addition object and the purpose of use.

The base oil does not need to be highly refined, but for oil with high sulfur content, oil contaminated by dust, moisture and suspended solids, regenerated oil or oil that has deteriorated, the anti-rust effect will be reduced by half.

This product is a volatile anti-rust additive that takes into account compatibility with ordinary anti-rust oils.


For ordinary anti-rust oil and base oil, add 5~10%


Internal rust prevention of reducer, speed changer, gearbox, hydraulic equipment, engine, fuel tank, etc.


4L, 18L