FUEL ECOL®002 is an engine oil improver for automobiles. After being injected with engine oil, it can quickly inject and adsorb its components into the narrow gaps inside the engine, protect the metal surface, reduce friction and wear, save energy and reduce noise, thereby restoring the true power of the car. In addition, the excellent cleaning performance can gradually remove stubborn dirt during driving, thereby keeping the inside of the engine clean.



When the engine displacement is 2000cc, add about 200ml of FUEL ECOL 0.02. Please increase or decrease the amount of FUEL ECOL 0.02 according to the displacement.

When changing the engine oil, add the specified amount of oil and FUEL ECOL 0.02.

When only adding FUEL ECOL 0.02, use a level gauge to adjust the amount used. If the total amount of engine oil greatly exceeds the upper limit of the level gauge, the resistance will increase and the expected effect of the additive may not be achieved.